Deploying Verdi

As you'd expect with an Enterprise CMS, there are some important points to consider when you deploy the system. Where will it be hosted, and by whom? How should it be configured?  Who will set it up?  How much can you do yourself? What sort of training will you need?  Is support readily available when you need it? 

Please read on for answers to these questions and more...     


Verdi can be deployed on your own hosting infrastructure or in a data centre equipped to host enterprise web applications.

IBC Digital provides full Verdi hosting in its data centre located in Perth, Western Australia.

Verdi can be hosted in suitable 3rd party data centres anywhere in the world.

Verdi Configuration

Verdi is off-the-shelf software, however it does require installation by a suitably qualified and experienced technical person who has been trained by IBC. There are many permutations and combinations available for Verdi during the set up of the system.

IBC Digital offers a Verdi Configuration Consultancy service to assist in the planning and preparation prior to deployment so that the correct options are selected and configured for each unique installation.


There are several options available to install and deploy Verdi onto your choice of hosting platform. If IBC are to host Verdi, then IBC staff will manage the installation for you onto the servers in the data centre, wherever it is located in the world.

If Verdi is to be deployed onto your own hosting infrastructure, then IBC's Verdi specialist staff (or the trained staff of one of our strategic partners) can attend on-site at your location wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, the installation can be managed remotely via VPN or other such remote access services that allow IBC's Verdi specialists to connect onto your servers with the appropriate log-in permissions.

Another option is for IBC to provide the hardware and software for you, install the software, set up the Verdi system and fully configure it to your needs. Then IBC simply ships it all to you. Or you can provide the hardware to us so we can set it up for you and ship it back to you.

One way or another, we can deploy Verdi for you - wherever you are in the world!

Verdi Site Set up

Once installed, you create a site and give permission levels to the various admin users you wish to administer the site. The site style sheets and templates need to be defined. They may be standard or you may need these to be created and set up specific to the design and layout of your planned site. You may also want the Verdi modules to be styled specifically for your site.

Then your navigation and site page structure need to be set up, and your selection of the Verdi modules allocated to each page as you wish.

Now you can start adding your content. It's easy...

The IBC team can assist you in all or part of this work - or you can do much of it yourself after training from IBC. We often provide initial training and then coaching support through our HelpDesk so we're there for you if and when you need us.


Training can be provided on-site at your location, or at IBC Digital in Perth, Western Australia or at a 3rd party training venue if you prefer. It can also be delivered to you online. We use GoToMeeting software and find it a very effective option.

Content Author and Publisher training is typically provided in a four hour session. Site Administrator training is a separate four hour training session, for which participants must already have successfully completed the Content Author and Publisher training.

Additional training sessions are available for in-depth product training including deployment of Verdi's Advanced Workflow module and how to create your own custom modules to integrate with Verdi using the supplied Verdi API.


Full support is provided by the Verdi team at IBC Digital through the Verdi HelpDesk. Level 1 Support for general queries, Level 2 Support for more advanced requirements and Level 3 Support for deep technical requirements including assistance with planning additional systems integration, customisations to Verdi modules and custom-built modules to exactly suit your specific requirements. 

Verdi Support is provided in a variety of different ways. From telephone and email support from our HelpDesk to on-site support at your place or remote connection to you via VPN or other remote access services, we make sure we can help you as quickly as possible.

Almost all of our clients have the Verdi Annual Software Maintenance, which includes EVERY enhancement, update and new module we bring out as part of the standard Verdi system. It also includes bug fixes and error corrections, although we generally don't have too many of these.

Most of our clients are also on some sort of Service Plan with us - whether it be a pre-paid Service and Support block or a monthly Service Plan. Casual service and support is also available for those who prefer it.

If you'd like more information on deploying Verdi for your organisation, simply phone us today - or complete the webform on this page.

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