Overview of Verdi Features

Verdi has so many features that we've set up a full section of this website to highlight them for you. Please check them out. To get started, here are some you may find important.

Multiple Sites
Clever Pricing
Easy Content Management
Many Standard Verdi Modules
Powerful Searching and Navigation
Enterprise Security, Authentication and Scalability
Extensive Integration & Customisation capabilities

Multiple Sites

Verdi is very clever at managing multiple sites. Verdi empowers you to easily manage multiple websites, intranets and extranets. With Verdi you can rapidly set up additional sites from your browser-based administration console. Each site can have its own look and feel, and each site can have its own unique domain name for its website address.

Clever Pricing

Verdi is a full-blown Enterprise Web CMS, but without the Enterprise price you'd expect.

As an ASP-hosted service, Verdi can be implemented for your organisation without you needing to pay the license fee up-front. The license fee is incorporated into your monthly hosting and support package. And an initial set-up fee helps cover the site design, implementation and your basic training. It's easy.

If you want to implement Verdi on your own hosting infrastructure, you'll love the once-off license fee which gives you a perpetual license to use the software. The Enterprise license is a "per site" license, which means you can readily deploy Verdi onto multiple servers or a load-balanced server cluster. You are not restricted by servers or CPUs. And with the annual Verdi Software Maintenance program, you get all updates and enhancements including the software for any new standard Verdi modules in the future.

Verdi's Easy Content Management

With Verdi, creating and editing content is quick and easy! Verdi's clever Edit Pencil allows an authorised user to click on the Edit Pencil next to a piece of content on a public page, and edit that piece of content in the Verdi Editor.

The Verdi Editor is easy to use and you can easily do advanced tasks such as inserting page links and re-sizing images. You can import from MS Word and Excel with the Paste and automated clean function to remove unfriendly Microsoft code.

Verdi has content scheduling with automated content display and archiving of any piece of content or any page or navigation section of the site. Verdi will alert the administrator when a piece of content needs to be reviewed and updated. This ensures information is always current, and assists in avoiding legal liability of incorrect information being accessed on your site.

Verdi uses templates, themes, cascading style sheets and skins so you can enforce the use of a corporate style and layout, or this can be changed with new styles and layouts.

Verdi has version control and roll-back of content pool items. You can easily roll-back to a previous version of any content item if required.

Verdi has two-stage role-based workflow approval processes as standard, and advanced multi-stage parallel and series workflow processes are an option for you.

Many Standard Verdi Modules

Verdi has a very extensive selection of standard modules available for you, including News, Events, FAQs, RSS Display, Online Polls, Extranet/Intranet Log-In Module, Scrolling News, News Teasers, Dynamic Forms, New Since Last Log-In plus many more.

Additional modules in the Verdi Suite include Verdi Advertising Manager enabling easy management of site advertising, Verdi Remote Publisher allowing the site to be output as static HTML pages to remote server or CD / DVD, Verdi Advanced Email Campaign Manager for production and dispatch of dynamically personalised and content customised emails, and Verdi Advanced Workflow Manager enabling complex multi-stage parallel and series workflow processes for staged content approval.

Powerful Searching and Navigation

Verdi has powerful searching capabilities and has extensive Meta Data management. It is Search Engine friendly and has clever URL Masking which masks Query String URLs and displays understandable words or phrases. This means the site can be more easily found in Search Engines and pages visited are easily analysed in website Statistical reports.

Then there's Verdi's clever and highly flexible navigation management. With Verdi, you can easily change section names, add new sections and tiers, add breadcrumb navigation, and automatically generate a full Site Map. The Site Map is always accurate and automatically produced without need for manual work.

Enterprise Security, Authentication and Scalability

With Verdi, you can easily link to LDAP, Active Directory or other permissions datasources. Having a single sign-on makes admin easier. You can control Extranet access, and allow different groups to access different content or areas on your site. Security is important, and you can add SSL encryption to any page by simply ticking a check-box for that page. It's easy and all standard within Verdi.

Verdi software supports load-balanced and clustered servers, so it can grow with your organisation. And Verdi's caching of dynamic content means faster page rendering time with less server load. This speeds up processing and reduces costs.

Extensive Integration & Customisation capabilities

Verdi provides support for multiple scripting languages including PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and JSP. Verdi has remoting and web services interfaces for external applications.

Used as the core platform for extra custom application development, Verdi allows your organisation to achieve a 100% purpose-built solution. The Verdi API is available for system integration so your programmers can extend the Verdi system to include your own web applications. Or the Verdi team can be engaged by you to build custom modules and applications to integrate your systems with Verdi.

The Verdi team provides full training and help-desk support, including remote online support for global clients.

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