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Verdi is a full-blown Enterprise Web CMS, but without the Enterprise price you'd expect.

Don't you hate it when you're trying to research software prices on different websites and the suppliers don't want to reveal even ball-park prices on their site for their software? We reckon that is really frustrating! With Verdi, we have nothing to hide, and we don't want to frustrate you - or waste your time or our time.

We're enormously proud of Verdi - and the value-packed low pricing we're able to offer. Verdi is tremendous value for money! Submit an online enquiry to chat to us today about your CMS and how Verdi can help!

Verdi's Perpetual License

With Verdi, you have a once-off license fee which gives you a perpetual license to use the software. Yep, forever!

Perpetual license prices for Verdi include all of the Verdi standard modules and functionality. The Verdi Small Business License is priced at AUD$14,750. The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited license is AUD$29,950.  Please note, prices exclude Australian GST.  Government discounts and Not-For-Profit discounts may apply to relevant organisations. 

The Verdi Small Business License allows a smaller organisation to deploy the full functionality of the Verdi system, but is restricted to operating on a single server with a maximum of 5 Administrator users to edit and maintain the content. The Verdi Small Business License is also restricted to a maximum of 30 Intranet or Extranet users.  The Verdi Small Business License allows the set-up and operation of ONE website and ONE Intranet site to be built, operated and maintained within Verdi.

The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited License has no such restrictions. There are no limits to the number of administrator users, Intranet users or sites that can be deployed. You can readily deploy Verdi onto multiple servers at the same physical location. You are not restricted by servers or CPUs. The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited license also includes the license for operating on a load-balanced server cluster.

With Verdi Enterprise Unlimited, there are no license restrictions on the number of sites you can set up within the Verdi system. Public Sites, Extranets, Intranets. No limits...   And no license limits to the number of users accessing the Intranets or Extranets.

To give you the peace of mind and security for the future, you also can enrol in the annual Verdi Software Maintenance program. With this, you get all updates and enhancements including the software for any new standard Verdi modules in the future. Software Maintenance is charged at 20% of the license fee each year, indexed and charged annually.

Implementing Verdi

To successfully implement the Verdi system, you'll also need to allow some budget for the deployment services which typically include the site design and template creation, system set up and implementation and your basic training.

After the training, you can start setting up the site navigation structure and entering your content. If needed, you can get some help on this from the Verdi specialists. (After all, another few pairs of experienced hands may be helpful when you are getting started.)

We generally provide Project Management services to coordinate Verdi implementations. Someone needs to draw all the tasks together and make sure everything is done correctly and in the right sequence - and that's generally the role and responsibility of the Verdi Project Manager.

It's hard to give you pricing ball-parks on implementation as every situation is different. Once we know more about your exact needs, we can probably give you some pricing guidance fairly quickly.

Deploying Verdi on your Infrastructure

If you wish, you can host Verdi yourself on your own hosting infrastructure. Many of our clients do, and it can make sense especially for Intranets and for enhanced Active Directory integration.

You'll need to allow for a web server running Microsoft IIS and a database server running MS SQL. The minimum specs for this equipment are outlined here.

Deploying Verdi as Hosted Application

Alternatively, you may prefer to buy the perpetual license for Verdi, and then have the system hosted in a data centre run by IBC Digitals or by one of our strategic hosting partners.

This can be a good option for you, as you don't need to buy your own hardware. And of course, you have the Verdi specialists looking after the system hosting for you so you don't have to skill-up your own IT staff.

Deploying Verdi as ASP-Hosted Service

Another option is to consider buying Verdi as an ASP-hosted service.

As an ASP-hosted service, Verdi can be implemented for your organisation without you needing to pay the license fee up-front. (ASP means Application Service Provider.) You get to use Verdi by paying a monthly, quarterly or annual license rather than a perpetual license.

With the ASP service, the license fee is incorporated into your regular hosting and support package. ASP packages vary depending on which Edition of the system you choose, what services you require, and what limits you are happy to work within.

With the ASP service, there's also an initial set-up fee which helps cover the site design and template creation, implementation and your basic training. This set-up fee does vary depending on the specific requirements of each client.

The ASP-model can make sense for many organisations, so please let us know if you'd like more info on this option.

Verdi Value!!

Remember, Verdi is very flexible, very easy to learn to use, and very very powerful.

Verdi gives you the functionality you need to start with - and plenty of power and room to grow. Verdi is a full-blown Enterprise Web CMS, but without the Enterprise price you'd expect!

We hope you'll agree, Verdi is tremendous value for money. It's a proven solution that can give you a good return on your investment with minimal risks. And with Verdi's multiple sites capability and integration with other web applications, you have great options for scalability to expand and grow in the future.  

Reliable proven system, good return on investment, minimal risk and good options for the future. It's Verdi Value!

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