Verdi's Perpetual License
 With Verdi, you have a once-off license fee which gives you a perpetual license to use the software. Yep, forever!

Perpetual license prices for Verdi include all of the Verdi standard modules and functionality. The Verdi Small Business License is priced at AUD$14,750. The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited license is AUD$29,950. Please note, prices exclude Australian GST. Government discounts and Not-For-Profit discounts may apply to relevant organisations.

The Verdi Small Business License allows a smaller organisation to deploy the full functionality of the Verdi system, but is restricted to operating on a single server with a maximum of 5 Administrator users to edit and maintain the content. The Verdi Small Business License is also restricted to a maximum of 30 Intranet or Extranet users. The Verdi Small Business License allows the set-up and operation of ONE website and ONE Intranet site to be built, operated and maintained within Verdi.

The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited License has no such restrictions. There are no limits to the number of administrator users, Intranet users or sites that can be deployed. You can readily deploy Verdi onto multiple servers at the same physical location. You are not restricted by servers or CPUs. The Verdi Enterprise Unlimited license also includes the license for operating on a load-balanced server cluster.

With Verdi Enterprise Unlimited, there are no license restrictions on the number of sites you can set up within the Verdi system. Public Sites, Extranets, Intranets. No limits... And no license limits to the number of users accessing the Intranets or Extranets.

To give you the peace of mind and security for the future, you also can enrol in the annual Verdi Software Maintenance program. With this, you get all updates and enhancements including the software for any new standard Verdi modules in the future. Software Maintenance is charged at 20% of the license fee each year, indexed and charged annually.

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