With Verdi, page re-directions are managed through an XML file which maps old pages to new pages - so that an old URL will automatically be re-directed to a new URL within the VerdiCMS. This is useful if you have an old website and you want to keep the benefit of old URLs that may be in-linked or indexed in Google so the links and page ranking are not lost when you move to the Verdi CMS. It can also be used for re-directing old URLs to new pages if the old page has expired. These re-directions are manually set up and you tell the system which page of new content to link to.

This XML file feature can be used to map the entire Site Map of an old site to the appropriate pages of the new site. Remember this as you plan the Information Architecture for the new site and the content migration from the old to the new.

You can either map to a specific new URL or you can include various suggested URLs & page descriptions in the XML file. With the Suggested URLs, the site visitor is presented with a page showing each suggested URL and the description of the page - and the visitor then chooses for themselves which page best suits their needs.

Smart page redirection... just another way Verdi CMS helps you easily manage your site content.

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