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Verdi CMS is an Australian-made Enterprise Web Content Management system designed for business and government. Verdi is packed with quality features to make managing multiple sites easy... and even fun!

Friendly pricing, good ROI, minimal risks and great flexibility for the future make Verdi the perfect choice for many organisations. We hope Verdi ticks all of your boxes!

One system, multiple websites, Intranets or extranet sites

With Verdi, you can easily set up different websites, microsites, restricted access extranets and separate staff intranets. Multiple sites...

Easy content creation and editing

Verdi's famous Edit Pencil makes editing pages a breeze, and the Verdi Editor gives you total control. It's simple! Content management...

Includes over 20 standard modules at no extra charge

Verdi comes off-the-shelf packed with features and functionality so you can build your sites quickly, easily and at low cost. Verdi modules...

Build sites to comply with web guidelines

With Verdi, you can enforce your organisation's compliance with W3C and government guidelines. Reduce risks & get better results. Compliance...

Integrates with other systems, applications & databases

Systems Integration is a major Verdi strength. New modules can be custom-built and integrated using the Verdi API. Clever integration...

Verdi in Business and Verdi in Government

Check out these case studies of Verdi at work. The Verdi CMS is proven, robust and reliable. Here's what others say. Case studies...

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